About Me

My name is Audrey Moore. I am the author of the Ping and Po-Li series and you are very welcome to my website. I successfully launched my first childrens book Ping and Po-Li in 2015 and launched my second childrens book Ping and Po-Li, Rainforest Rescue in April 2019. I visit many primary schools across Ireland to share my books with the children along with Ping, the giant panda mascot. I work part time as a Legal Executive in Hanahoe & Hanahoe Solicitors in Naas and live in the countryside of County Kildare with my husband Ray, three children Jessica, Elinor, Jamie, dog Sam and the oldest goldfish, Richard aged 14.


I hope you like the stories and the fun Ping, Po-Li and friends have through the Asian Rainforest. The idea for Ping and Po-Li came into my head one night as I was trying to get my second daughter Elinor to sleep. My children have really enjoyed seeing the story come to life through the beautiful illustrations Kim has created and I have had such fun writing

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After reading Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’, one particular paragraph turned me off spaghetti for years and years.

I have never met the Illustrator for my children’s book Ping and Po-Li. All correspondence was done through the magic of the internet.

I really dislike swimming pools. I feel like I’m in a huge bath in my underwear with strangers!

The idea for Ping and Po-Li came into my head one night as I was trying to get my daughter to sleep

I am allergic to kiwis and would go into anaphylactic shock if I ate one.

I can’t wear animal print clothing at all because of my hair, I look like a cavewoman.

My favourite colour is pastel yellow