Ping the Panda tires of eating bamboo and embarks on a food adventure through the Asian Rainforest in search of tasty treats with the help of his friend Po-Li. They have great fun discovering what other animals eat and meet some very interesting new friends along the way, including Mr. Otter, Oliver the Orangutan, and a Vulture named Vicky. There are fun facts, activities in both books and silent characters on each page which the kiddies love to find (mocking birds in the first book, and three tree frogs in the award winning second book). Hope you enjoy the adventures of Ping and Po-Li.

Hey! My name is Audrey Moore. I am the author of the award winning Ping and Po-Li series and you are very welcome to my website. Please click the below button to learn more about me and my books.
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Poignant story

A poignant story of survival and friendship…timely for our era of mass extinction…a valuable lesson, beautifully presented.

Orla McAlinden
Award winning author, Flight of the Wren

Real and relatable

I had the pleasure of editing Ping and Po-Li’s adventures from the beginning, and their stories are among my favorites. The characters are real and relatable for children. The stories are naturally teachable and lots of fun – so important for young readers. Ping and Po-Li work together, have soft hearts, and care for others, which is so needed in our world. And they’re so much fun! I look forward to reading more of Ping and Po-Li!
Pam Halter
Children's Book Editor and Award-Winning Author of Willoughby and Friends

Important environmental message

Another little gem… a cute tale filled with subtle learning about forest animals and creatures. The important environmental message is really strong and very much on people’s minds. Very clever resolution to the hunters’ threat to their little friends. Kim has done a really good job bringing the characters and story to life. Our little readers in our house are looking forward to the next adventure from Ping and Po-Li and friends already.

Dave Butler
Illustrator of Do Fish Wear Pyjamas, The Writers Revenge and The Battle of Comans Wood

Filled with compassion

In an age when saving our planet’s ecosystem should be a top priority Audrey Moore has written a book about the animal world that is timely, empathetic, and filled with compassion. The charming illustrations by Kim Sponaugle are a delight, and this story about friendship will captivate young readers.

Padraig Kenny
Author of Tin and Pog

Full of fun

Ping and Po-Li, Rainforest Rescue is a very colourful and imaginative little picture book. Beautiful illustrations and gorgeous meaningful words for the children you love. Very educational and full of fun.

Dolores Keaveney

A delight

The Ping and Po-Li series was a delight to work on, with its rainforests, mountains and lovable jungle creatures … Audrey created a story that was great fun to tell.

Kim Sponaugle
Award winning illustrator

Best read out loud

Audrey’s second book in the Ping and Po-Li series Rainforest Rescue is a beautiful book, best read out loud to little ears. Great fun looking for the slippery frogs. Great to be able to produce an amazing book with an important message.

Mario Corrigan
Author of Do Fish Wear Pyjamas, The Writers Revenge and The Battle for Coman’s Wood